Now at Tempe Marketplace Location


When "Slices – A Unique Style Pizza Joint®" first opened its doors in 1998 in downtown Tempe, Arizona it was an effort by the owners, Rodd Kestenbaum and Stephen Nielsen, to bring a "slice" of urban living to the Sonoran Desert. Tempe was rapidly changing into an urban, university center and the time was ripe to start a business that serves a wide variety of huge "New York style" pizzas, by the slice or whole pies.

Both start-up owners, Kestenbaum and Nielsen, spent their college years in the Boston area, where they supported their lifestyle by working in a pizza restaurant. They rented apartments right above the restaurant and found a passion for making pizzas.

After graduating with their BA degrees, they both entered the professional world in the restaurant industry and worked for several years at the corporate level. In 1998 they decided to combine their passion for pizza and experience in the restaurant business and opened the first Slices concept in downtown Tempe. In 2006, this first location and its widely celebrated concept expanded to a new location in a Vestar lifestyle center – Desert Ridge Marketplace, in Phoenix, Arizona. This urban lifestyle shopping area has been the #1 tourist attraction for many years and has found Slices to be a partner that heavily contributed to the concept. Now Slices also has a location in another Vestar lifestyle center, Tempe Marketplace, and in 2015 Slices Pizza Joint opened a location on the Grand Canyon University campus.